Golden Globes stylist reveals celebrities rubbed cannabis oil on their feet to survive hours in high heels

CBD oil based lotion is the new buzz product in Hollywood, thanks to its  ability to soothe aching feet.

Celebrities have long relied on gel insoles to make heels more comfortable.

Zanna Roberts Rassi – E! style expert – says: “One great trick that a lot of celebrities in LA use is CBD cream on their feet, because it numbs the pain.

“The Lord Jones cream is one that Michelle Williams swears by.”

Karla Welch – who dresses stars such as Karlie Kloss and Elisabeth Moss – has also praised Lord Jones’ lotion.

During awards season in 2017, she wrote on Instagram: “A shout out to my friends @thelordjones. Their pain and wellness cream with CBD is the absolute CURE for aching feet on the red carpet.

“Don’t worry, your feet aren’t going to get high but this miracle cream is going to make a long #GoldenGlobes evening much more fun.

“So until designers learn how to make a stiletto as comfy as sneakers, @thelordjones is in my styling kit. #thisisnotanad.”

It’s soared in popularity but what can it treat and how does it work?

Cannabis oil is extracted from hemp plants.

Low-concentrate CBD oil can be used to promote sleep and boost apetite.

It is also said to be able to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

There are also said to be skincare benefits for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

It has even been claimed CBD oil can prevent the signs of ageing.

Author: hempdownunder